Máy cưa chính xác SM45YD

SM45YDPrecision Panel Saw

Panel Saw technical parameters:

Super version 

Guide shaft spindle: ∮50

Advanced LED readout

Full size addition table

Main motor 5.5KW

Lubrication pump

Scoring motor 0.75KW

Support feeding frame

Steel Pressure kit

2nd generation front control panel

Manual tilting 45°

Type-R protection hood(Optional part)

Max saw blade 350mm

Double scoring saw blade

Cylindrical direct guide up/down structure

Turbo gear tilting structure


Main technical parameter

Dimension of sliding table


Gross cut capacity


Width of cut between saw blade and rip fence


Saw blade diameter


Height of cut


Diameter of guide shaft spindle


Speed of main saw spindle


Main spindle diameter


Tilting saw blade


Main motor


Scoring saw blade diameter


Speed of scoring saw blade


Scoring spindle diameter


Scoring motor


Net weight


Gross weight(with wooden package)


Overall dimensions



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